I have been Politically active since 2007 publishing the truth about the ALP Government'

During that time I realised most Political Parties were only interested in following their Party line, and the people were not truly being represented.  Since then I have been writing the truth about any Party who no longer is representing it's constituents.  I now realise it is time to stand against these Party politicians, and remind them and the Public there are still Politicians who are not here for the money or the perks, we are here to represent our constituents.

I believe our state is full of hard-working and deserving citizens.  These people are voting for a Politician they hope will represent them, but for too long the Major Parties are too ensconced with backroom deals and filling their pockets.  I am the first whose platform will be to work for his constituents no matter what.

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  • Immigration
  • Economy and Jobs
  • Health Care
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Women's Rights
  • Retirement Security‚Äč

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